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Cultural Report Assessment Indian Culture - Free Essay Example

Indian culture is becoming more and more prevalent in the United States every year. According to the 2010 United States Census, the Asian Indian population in the United States grew from almost 1,678,765 in 2000 (0.6% of U.S. population) to 2,843,391 in 2010 (0.9% of U.S. population), a growth rate of 69.37%, one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States (United States Census Bureau, 2010). As the fastest growing population in the United States, Indian culture and influences is also spreading to places in America that has never had it before. We have more Indian restaurants, grocery stores, cultural centers and temples then ever before, and I think a lot of Americans including myself are starting to notice. So, taking time to learn more about the Indiana culture is good to understand our neighbors and coworkers. When we look at Asian Indian Americans and the country they left, India is the worlds fourth-largest economy. It produced $9.4 trillion in goods and services in 2017. But it has a long way to go to beat the top three: China, with a production worth $23.1 trillion; the European Union, with $19.9 trillion; and the United States, with $17.4 trillion. India has had rapid growth despite the Great Recession. It grew 6.7 percent in 2017, 7.1 percent in 2016 and 8 percent in 2015. From 2008 through 2014, it grew between 5 percent and 11 percent. That phenomenal growth rate has reduced poverty by 10 percent in the last decade (Amdeo, 2018). Also, Indian not only has an impact from an Indian American perspective, but also Indian citizens impact our job markets. We have whats called H-1B visas in the American work place. An H-1B visa allows an individual to enter the United States to temporarily work at an employer in a specialty occupation. The regulations define a specialty occupation as requiring theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge in a field of human endeavor (Legal Information Institute 1, 2018). Including but not limited to biotechnology, chemistry, computing, architecture, engineering, statistics, physical sciences, journalism, medicine and health: doctor, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, etc., economics, education, research, law, accounting, business specialties, technical writing, theology, and the arts, and requiring the attainment of a bachelors degree or its equivalent as a minimum (Legal Information Institute, 2018 1). Likewise, the foreign worker must possess at least a bachelors degree or its equivalent and state licensure, if required to practice in that field. H-1B work-authorization is strictly limited to employment by the sponsoring employer (Legal Information Institute 2, 2018). In the United States a lot of Americans fell that foreigners are taking our jobs, Asian Indiana and Indiana citizens. That could leave a negative stigma using the H-1B process, but companies simply cant find the talent internally, so big companies like Facebook, Ford, GM, Google, Apple etc., turn to these types of sponsorships to get the talent they need. Asian Indiana Americans have impacted our society by helping fill a lot of these advance jobs, with skill sets they bring from India. When we look at Indian Americans in American society and their Socioeconomics status, Indian Americans continuously outpace every other ethnic group socioeconomically per U.S. Census statistics (IBM, 2009). Thomas Friedman, in his 2005 book The World Is Flat, explains this trend in terms of brain drain, whereby the best and brightest elements in India emigrate to the US in order to seek better financial opportunities (Friedman, 2005). Indians form the second largest group of physicians after non-Hispanic whites (3.9%) as of the 1990 survey, and the percentage of Indian physicians has rose to around 6% in 2005 (Friedman, 2005). With the need to bring over talent from Indian to help with high level Engineering and IT level positions, it is obvious that education is very important to the Indian culture. According to Pew Research in 2015, 72% of Indian Americans had a bachelors degree or more (Pew Research Center, 2015). The median household income for Indian immigrants in 2015 was much higher than that of the overall foreign- and native-born populations. Households headed by Indian immigrants had a median income of $101,591, compared to $51,000 and $56,000 for overall immigrant and native-born households, respectively. By far they are the richest and most successful ethnic group in the USA due to their strong work-ethic and focus on education. Approximately 7 percent of Indian immigrants lived in poverty in 2015, a much lower rate than the foreign-born population overall and the U.S. born (17 percent and 14 percent, respectively) (Zong Batalova, 2017). Religion is also something new and different that American Indians brought to the United States. Communities of Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, and Indian Jews have established their religions in the United States. According to 2012 Pew Research Center research, 51% consider themselves Hindu, 18% as Christian (Protestant 11%, Catholic 5%, other Christian 3%), 10% as unaffiliated, 10% as Muslims, 5% as Sikh, 2% as Jain (Pew Research Center, 2012). However, the Sikhs are vastly understated in this study. Number of Sikhs in the United States in 2010 were generally believed to be in the 250,000 to 500,000 range which equates to anywhere between 10% and 18% of Americans classified as Asian Indians by the Census Bureau at that time. Among those who identify as unaffiliated are non-practicing members of the above religions. The first religious center of an Indian religion to be established in the US was a Sikh Gurudwara in Stockton, California in 1912. Today there are many Sikh Gurudwaras, Hindu temples, Christian churches, and Buddhist and Jain temples in all 50 states (Pew Research, 2012). I have chosen to interview someone who is a Sikh Asian Indian American who is working in the Distribution Center I work in Human Resources in. He is a practicing Sikh and wears the headwear that they do, which is probably a first for a lot of the warehouse associates to see someone who wears one. When I interviewed him, I asked him how him dressing different affect his life. He said a lot of people assume things. I asked him how so. He said, Most people dont know I speak English, and they assume I am an Engineer or in IT. I asked does that happen here in the Warehouse? He said, no not really, People will ask me what it means, but other than that people leave me alone. I am working in Human Resources, trying to finish my degree in Business. The person I interviewed is also going to school to work in Human Resources as well. Cultural factors that play in effect with him, is a lot of family members from India, are coming to America to live, and they want to get a job as quick as possible. So, warehouse work is easy for them to get in to and stay involved with for fast money. So, with this I could personally encounter a lot of people with a similar culture to my interview, so learning their culture could enhance the companys ability to help these people when they get to America. Some things that came be done from an HR perspective is maybe having a day where we celebrate an Indian holiday with their traditional food. Where I work, we celebrate holidays like the 4th, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. Maybe that could be a way for other associates to share their culture with each other. I think most associates I work with respect each other, and dont care ab out what religion they follow, but food is always a good ice breaker, and could bring awareness to people. Eating is the best common denominator you could have, because food has been brining people together for centuries. Some potential problems are that we just celebrate American Holidays, and never take the time to reflect and celebrate with others on other holidays. That could to start to offend people that come to this country and bring their culture with them here as well. I think that having people celebrate with everyone and learning about culture too will enhance cultural tolerance. As far to recommendations for my profession to make people more culturally aware is to have educations at the Management level on all cultures, so they can learn how to work with all members of their team. There are always Anti-Harassment/ Safety videos for everyone to watch annually. But adding a Cultural Awareness video I think would be just as important. I think a proper corporate training on Cultures that go in depth, so that everyone gets a solid understanding of what cultures are out there, and how to adequately speak to it, and understand what your associate is going through or doing outside of work potentially. Not as a means of spying, but a way that a Manager could possible help tailor a schedule or know that someone is observing a certain holiday etc. I think the better equip someone is with understanding the better that Manager can effectively manager his or her team. Justification for this training is simple. Our population is always changing with new cultures and people. A part of most businesses mission statements is making people better Corporate Citizens. Meaning a lot of business take the time to make sure their workforce is helping the world around them. Apart of that is understanding everyone and creating an inclusive culture. Creating a place that is inclusive for everyone to work in will only create a productive work environment, that attracts and retains the most talented workforce. Sources Cited: Census shows growth among Asian Indians. USA Today. 2011-05-17. Amadeo, K. (2018). Bollywood Is More Popular Than Hollywood: Indias Opportunities. Retrieved from 8 U.S. Code  § 1184 Admission of nonimmigrants. LII / Legal Information Institute 1. 8 U.S. Code  § 1184 Admission of non-immigrants. LII / Legal Information Institute 2. USAs best: Indian Americans top community World IBNLive. 2009-02-20. Retrieved 2013-02-07. Friedman, Thomas May 16, 2005 MIT World  » : The World is Flat. Archived from the original on March 28, 2012. Retrieved August 11, 2014. Indians in the U.S. Fact Sheet. September 8, 2017. Retrieved January 9, 2018. Jie Zong and Jeanne BatalovaIndian Immigrants in the United States. 2017-08-29. Retrieved 2017-12-18. Pew Forum Indian Americans Religions. 2012-07-18. Retrieved 2014-08-11.

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Why Everybody Is Wrong About Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla and Why You Should View This Report Right Now

Why Everybody Is Wrong About Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla and Why You Should View This Report Right Now The Rise of Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla It's simple to point out an essay that's been written solely for the interest of it. Because you are interested in getting the essay to communicate the ideal information about you, you have to do thorough preparation for the sample college admission essays to accomplish its purposes. All you have to do is specify if you want your essay to be delivered. Our admission essay examples can prove that we're here in order to provide simply the ideal assistance to assure you which you submit an application essay that you may be confident in. Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla - the Story Developing an excellent college essay may lose its purpose in the event the content of what you've written is not what the university is asking for. The duration of your essay is not what universities start looking for. A s a consequence, spending money to manage your essays might be challenging. For instance, if your favorite topic is the subject of literature, you could talk about your experiences with distinctive genres or with foreign writers. The One Thing to Do for Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla Therefore, if you're not already committed to a particular plan of study, don't worry. If you're on an immediate path to a certain area of study or career pursuit, admissions officers definitely need to understand that. In order to register for a 110B training course, students have to be enrolled in a corresponding base literature class. This is, obviously, the most important facet of the prompt. The Benefits of Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla Bridget's essay is quite strong, but there continue to be a couple little things that could be made better. The point is to share the types of things which don't wind up on your transcript. Nevertheless, the primary reason is my lo ve for mathematics. There are a few things you can do in your essay to be noticed and get accepted. Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla Can Be Fun for Everyone Your college essay should contain information that are related to the instruction offered to you. An admissions officer is far more likely to try to remember an applicant who has quite a specific essay written in a special and quirky way. It is often as large or as small as it is possible to think about! Key Pieces of Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla Or you're able to view 18 essays all on a single page. Generally, the very first, setup, section of the essay ought to be shorter, because it is not going to be focused on what you were doing. Oftentimes, the most effective essay topic is one which lets a number of your imperfections seep through. Share an essay on any subject of your selection. Inside my opinion, a thriving student is someone who wants not just to learn but also to make something new. One reason that the admissions office wishes to learn which of the applicants has been through something unlike the majority of other people is they're hoping to raise the number of points of view in the student body. Even more than knowing that you had the ability to correct the issue, colleges wish to observe how you approached the circumstance. The Most Popular Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla To discover what has to be finished, you ought to take a look at a wonderful deal of other essay examples. Below is a guide which should help you to find great sample college admission essays for inspiration and ideas about how to use them to compose your own cover letter. The way you begin your essay is essential to the reception your essay will receive, so this step should take up lots of your essay writing process. When you start to compose your college application essay, think about all the things which make you the person which you are. The way you start your application essay is vital to how well it is going to be received. For a beginning, the typical application essay topics need you to use language that's absolutely free from language flaws and grammatical mistakes. The essay is a fantastic tool, as it lets you tell your own story in your words. Really, the application essays are a lot closer to a quick story. Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla - Dead or Alive? Academic transcripts have to be connected to the UC application (transfer). Nearly all college authorities ask you to compose an application essay before getting an admission. Upcoming college students might also be requested to compose a college essay for a component of their first requirements. UCLA is among the most well-known universities in California. Writing a college application essay can be challenging for you in case you don't follow proper guidelines. The Common Application makes it possible for you to apply to more or less 700 distinct colleges. Along with the overall UC Application, a supplemental application is demanded. Vital Pieces of Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla Because personal statements are short, you just won't have enough time to spell out everything you've loved about a specific subject in enough detail to make it count. Otherwise, you should beef up your details. Your application should consist of other intriguing things which you would not normally include in the resume. Start with a principal idea and cite specific evidence to back up your statement about yourself. Transfer Application Essay Samples to Ucla - Overview Your application essay will be able to help you stick out from the remainder of the candidates and get noticed by the admission board. Your application for admission has to be submitted via the LSAC on-line application services. Thirdly, is to find out the necessary structure. Work with your students to assist them with this important part of their application.

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A Brief Biography of Gregor Mendel, Father of Genetics

Gregor Mendel (July 20, 1822 - January 6, 1884), known as the Father of Genetics, is most well-known for his work with breeding and cultivating pea plants, using them to gather data about dominant and recessive genes. Fast Facts: Gregor Mendel Known For: Scientist, friar, and abbot of St. Thomas Abbey who gained posthumous recognition as the founder of the modern science of genetics.Also Known As: Johann MendelBorn: July 20, 1822Died: January 6, 1884Education: University of Olomouc, University of Vienna Early Life and Education Johann Mendel was born in 1822 in the Austrian Empire to Anton Mendel and Rosine Schwirtlich. He was the only boy in the family and worked on the family farm with his older sister Veronica and his younger sister Theresia. Mendel took an interest in gardening and beekeeping as he grew up. As a young boy, Mendel attended school in Opava. He went on to the University of Olomouc after graduating, where he studied many disciplines, including physics and philosophy. He attended the University from 1840 to 1843 and was forced to take a year off due to illness. In 1843, he followed his calling into the priesthood and entered the Augustinian Abbey of St. Thomas in Brno. Personal Life Upon entering the Abbey, Johann took the first name Gregor as a symbol of his religious life. He was sent to study at the University of Vienna in 1851 and returned to the abbey as a teacher of physics. Gregor also cared for the garden and had a set of bees on the abbey grounds. In 1867, Mendel was made an abbot of the abbey. Genetics Gregor Mendel is best known for his work with his pea plants in the abbey gardens. He spent about seven years planting, breeding and cultivating pea plants in an experimental part of the abbey garden that was started by the previous abbot. Through meticulous record-keeping, Mendels experiments with pea plants became the basis for modern genetics. Mendel chose pea plants as his experimental plant for many reasons. First of all, pea plants take very little outside care and grow quickly. They also have both male and female reproductive parts, so they can either cross-pollinate or self-pollinate. Perhaps most importantly, pea plants seem to show one of only two variations of many characteristics. This made the data much more clear-cut and easier to work with. Mendels first experiments focused on one trait at a time, and on gathering data on the variations present for several generations. These were called monohybrid experiments. He studied a total of seven characteristics. His findings showed that there were some variations that were more likely to show up over the other variations. When he bred purebred peas of differing variations, he found that in the next generation of pea plants one of the variations disappeared. When that generation was left to self-pollinate, the next generation showed a 3 to 1 ratio of the variations. He called the one that seemed to be missing from the first filial generation recessive and the other dominant, since it seemed to hide the other characteristic. These observations led Mendel to the law of segregation. He proposed that each characteristic was controlled by two alleles, one from the mother and one from the father plant. The offspring would show the variation it is coded for by the dominance of the alleles. If there is no dominant allele present, then the offspring shows the characteristic of the recessive allele. These alleles are passed down randomly during fertilization. Link to Evolution Mendels work wasnt truly appreciated until the 1900s, long after his death. Mendel had unknowingly provided the Theory of Evolution with a mechanism for the passing down of traits during natural selection. As a man of strong religious conviction, Mendel did not believe in evolution during his life. However, his work has been added together with that of Charles Darwins to make up the modern synthesis of the Theory of Evolution. Much of Mendels early work in genetics has paved the way for modern scientists working in the field of microevolution.

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The United Nations ( Un ) Faces As Much, If Not More...

The United Nations (UN) faces as much, if not more criticism than the WTO. The United Nations is the international peacekeeping organization whose goals are, according to the United Nations Foundation; to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal education, promote gender equality, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, combat diseases, ensure environmental sustainability, and develop a global partnership for development. The UN has a lengthy list of goals that it wants to achieve, but it is argued that due to the immense size of, and the bureaucratic nature of the organization, that it really does not play an effective role in achieving any of the goals listed above, and instead focuses on more meaningless things. The structure of the UN is a troublesome mess; it is an ever growing entanglement of sub institutions that are overly bureaucratic, possibly corrupt, and slow in their proceedings. The UN is made up of 17 specialized agencies, 14 funds, and a secre tariat that has 17 departments. Western nations see the UN as inefficient, and developing nations see the UN as undemocratic and run by the rich countries. The UN receives strong criticism for its allocation of its resources and money, which for the most part, is allocated to them by member nations. Accounting for inflation, the annual UN expenditure of budgets has roughly increased by 40 times since the 1940’s, and the agreed upon biennial budgets sometimes consist of meaningless salariesShow MoreRelatedTension in the United Nations Over Bretton Woods1224 Words   |  5 Pagesdays on the UN struggled to oppose the orthodoxy of the Bretton woods institutions particularly led by IMF, World Bank on their objectives. One of the reasons for such tension was due to the difference in political base. That is, UN having equal representation of all countries where else Bretton Woods biased to voting system to reflect financial contributors. And not surprisingly, the bank and the fun d reflected the interests and perspectives of developed nations (especially the United States—havingRead MoreThe Environment Where Public Administration Is Being Implemented1490 Words   |  6 Pagesregion faces a disaster if not fixed soon. This epidemic has stopped the development and economic growth in that region. While this is taking place in the sub-Saharan region of Africa, the entire continent is struggling. For developing countries, there is mostly corruption in the government by public officials and therefore it is difficult to have a stable government that can help it to grow. With that being said, Africa has yet to reach the development goals set by the UN (United Nations). It seemsRead MoreCritically Evaluate the Debates Surrounding the Continuity of Bretton Woods’s Institutions. Which of These Institutions Would You Recommend to Be Discontinued? Justify Your Choice.3727 Words   |  15 Pagescontinuity of Bretton Woods’s institutions. Which of th ese institutions would you recommend to be discontinued? Justify your choice. While preparing to rebuild the international economic system after WWII, 730 delegates of the 44 allied nations met in New Hampshire, United States, to form the Bretton Woods agreement. The aim was to set up rules and regulations to stabilize the global monetary system and ensure the free movement of capital goods through a global market. The agreement established two regulatoryRead More Role of IMF and World Bank Essay example1433 Words   |  6 Pagesrepresent paradoxical ideals in their quest to satisfy the needs of both developed and developing nations. These institutions are chartered with helping poor nations but are criticized for their neo-colonial policies. Member nations are all considered equal, but contributions make some more equal than others. Mostly, these organizations are managed by rich nations that usurp the autonomy of developing nations in the pursuit of free markets and economic reform. This paper will examine the roles of theRead MoreWorld Trade Organization - Essay5408 Words   |  22 PagesWORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heart are the WTO agreements, negotiated and signed by the bulk of the world’s trading nations and ratified in their parliaments. The goal is to help producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct their business. The WTOs predecessor, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), was established after  WorldRead More The World Trade Organization Where It’s Been and Where’s It’s Going?3434 Words   |  14 PagesIt’s Been and Where’s It’s Going? Even dating back to times of Aristotle there has always been some form of trade and along with trade came rules and regulations. In the time of Aristotle trading took place on a smaller scale and between people much like bartering. In the modern world trade is what makes the world function on a broader and larger scale. We have become globalized as a world and we now are engaged in free trade, among many countries. There still needs to be regulations for eachRead MoreEssay on Globalization: The WTO is Killing People 3025 Words   |  13 PagesSince 2006, more than 500 Bangladeshi workers have died in factory fires, according to Clean Clothes Campaign, an anti-sweatshop advocacy group in Amsterdam. Experts say many of the fires could have easily been avoided if the factories had taken the right precautions. Many factories are in cramped neighborhoods and have too few fire escapes, and they widely flout safety measures. The industry employs more than three million workers in Bang ladesh, most of them women. Activists say that global clothingRead MoreMultilateral vs bilateral diplomacy3287 Words   |  14 Pagesproblem-solving agreements and providing activities to face global problems. IGOs can also be independent actors. Bilateralism is considered the reflection of the distribution of powers between the parties, where the dominant country generally takes advantage, while multilateralism is viewed as relations that follow a pattern of principles. This paper will argue why countries prefer multilateral engagement through international organisations rather than bilateral one with other states. The first part ofRead MoreEssay on Anti Globalization3397 Words   |  14 PagesAlter-globalization movement (popular in France), the Counter-Globalization movement, and a number of other terms. People around the globe are more connected to each other then ever before. Information and money flow more quickly than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are increasingly available in all parts of the world. International travel is more frequent. International communication is commonplace. This phenomenon has been titled globalization. Not only the term of globalizationRead MoreEcological Concern in International Business6824 Words   |  28 PagesIn this globalization era many industries seek expansion not just limited to their own nation but to go international and seek new market for their products and services. The environmental standards and norms play a significant role in determining the competitiveness of products and goods on the international market. Environmental responsibility is a vital component of a business strategy as it not only helps the environment, but it wins the trust of communities and gains the respect of the governments

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Women And Stereotypes Of Horror Movies - 1072 Words

Throughout the course of the past 100 years, there have been many horror films made. According to Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, a professor of social and organizational psychology at the University of Utrecht People go to horror films because they want to be frightened or they wouldnt do it twice.† What Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein meant by this is that people love horror films and they keep going back to watch them whenever a new horror film comes out is because people love to be frightened. For a film to be classified as a horror film it usually means that someone or multiple people in the film die. This would be an understandable reason why people would not enjoy watching this type of film. One population that would be understandably unwilling to†¦show more content†¦In the horror film â€Å"Contracted† directed by Eric England, this film is extremely gruesome towards women or to be more precise a girl named Samantha. In this film, a girl named Samantha is going through a rough period in her life where she has just broken up with her girlfriend. She decides to go to her friend’s party, where she accepts a drink from a stranger she has never met. Because of this she gets drunk and ends up in the backseat of the stranger’s car. the next day after this incident happens Samantha starts experiencing changes in her body. At the restaurant where she works, Samantha has trouble eating and is overly sensitive to noise. When she bleeds heavily from her vagina, she visits her doctor. Despite her protests that she is a lesbian who has not had sex with men for nearly a year, he is suspicious that she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease from heterosexual intercourse because of a rash that has developed in her groin. Samantha’s symptoms continue to get worse. Her eyes turn bloodshot, her hair falls out in clumps and when she is called into the restaurant on a short-notice shift her fingernails begin to fall off. Samantha flees the restaurant and returns to her doctor who advises her to avoid contact with other people until tests can determine what disease she has.Show MoreRelated Slasher Movies: Female Victims or Survivors? Essay1030 Words   |  5 PagesSlasher Movies: Female Victims or Survivors? â€Å"[Scary movies are] all the same. Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act who’s always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door. It’s insulting,† claims the character Sidney, in the movie Scream (1996). This stereotype is what many movie fans and critics believe when the topic of slasher films arise. Slasher films normally include a psychotic killer (either real or supernatural), a number ofRead MoreThe Importance Of Horror Movies1165 Words   |  5 Pageswould shut it off and turn on cartoons, but instead he allowed me to watch it. Horror has always been something that I’ve grown up around. From watching horror movies to starring in my dad’s short films, horror has been my life. I always enjoyed being in my dad’s short films because of how fun everything was. Not just the horror aspect, but everything else in relation to film. My dad was the one who introduced me to horror films. I loved the sensation it gave me when I knew something was going toRead MoreSocial Inequality And Black Magic1030 Words   |  5 Pagespopular television show American Horror Story: Coven. In addition to violence and black magic, the miniseries explored some new horror themes: racism and sexism. Coven was highly heavily criticized by its viewers for including many black stereotypes, trivializing rape, and distastefully portraying women as a mysterious species to men. Sexism and racism are quite prominent in our society and instead of shedding light on these issues with respect, American Horror Story merely exploits them in orderRead MoreAnalysis Of Joss Whedon s The Cabin1677 Words   |  7 PagesThe combination of horror and comedy provides an interesting contrast as the two genres try to illicit opposite emotions from their audiences. Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods is a film that falls under the pseudo-genre of horror comedy, the movie satirizing the cabin-in-the-woods horror subgenre while still providing a good scare. Though the monsters and ghouls of the film are still pretty terrifying, Whedon still manages to poke fun at the tropes found in horror movies and provide insight onRead MoreThe Rocky Horror Picture Show860 Words   |  3 Pages The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the most popular movies of all times. It’s reach spreads across generations and countries. At first glance Rocky Horror, as it is commonly referred to, can seem like a crude movie that’s sole purpose is to shock the audience with it’s foul language and sexual content. This is not the case; Rocky Horror brings attention to the gender roles placed on women and men in society. This message is still important today because more than ever women and men feelRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Shaun Of The Dead 999 Words   |  4 PagesShaun Of The Dead is constructed like a horror movie postmodernism as a combination of two of the opposition - the horror and comedy genres. It can be seen to the postmodern also turned against structured and rigid thinking of the horror movies. Shaun Of The Dead is a postmodern because it consists of all the elements of a horror movie, but in fact is a comedy, Shaun of the Dead was written by Edgar Wright and co-author Simon Page, the film is a hybrid romantic, coma, and comedy, and this type contradictRead MoreToday s Society Has Changed Over The Past Decades1628 Words   |  7 Pagesgenders. From being able to vote to fair paying wages, women have fought for the same rights as men. In the past, men were known as being the â€Å"head of the household,† having a job and making money for the family. On the other hand, women were portrayed as to being a â€Å"stay-at-home mother,† which consisted her job as cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids while the husband is away at work, and maintaining things throughout the house. Women wanted the same rights and standards that men had and provedRead MoreFemale Representations Between American Psycho And Misery1541 Words   |  7 Pagessplitting both men and women into two categories. Within these categories are specific traits that have led women to become represented as inferior to men. Women are presented as sexu al, emotional and dependant while men are portrayed as strong, reliant and independent. This causes males in the media to be the hero who has the capabilities to take on the active roles while women deal with the passive roles. The representation of both genders significantly influence the way that the horror genre is portrayedRead MoreRole of Women in Horror Films1103 Words   |  5 PagesGood Evening, I’m here to talk about the Stereotypical portrayal of Women in horror films. Since the horror genre is quite a broad category, I’ve decided to focus mainly on Slasher films, a subgenre of horror film. Traditionally women are represented in horror films are blonde hypersexual damsels in distress with a seductive body language and strong make up being attacked by the killer because they have committed a sinful act. You may have noticed that the young girls that do get killedRead MoreWomen s Women Can Get Hurt1577 Words   |  7 PagesWomen in society feel they are being objectified, and feel as if they are not getting the same respect as men. Through many examples it is shown that not just women, but men are also being objectified. After the realization of men being objectified as well, there is a combination of objectification towards women, and men throughout all forms of media, for the reason of publicity. Firstly, to explain the objectifications of women, within today’s society. Kilbourne’s article, â€Å"Two ways a

A Stereotypical Representation Of Females During Victorian...

Daphne Du Maurier and Charlotte Brontà « present their narrators as a stereotypical representation of females during Victorian period. Throughout history the archetypes of the heroine have vastly changed from being dependant victims to independent strong females. Jane Eyre and the narrator are both oppressed by patriarchy, where men were the makers and enforcers of social and political rules. The unnamed narrator and Jane could be seen as a microcosm of their respective societies, as females were demarcated as â€Å"timid†, â€Å"dependent† (AQA Critical Anthology) unlike males who were physically and mentally strong. Both Brontà « and Du Maurier instantly evoke sympathy for the characters by representing them as weak, indecisive and timid through;†¦show more content†¦Du Maurier uses the Rebecca to subvert from the norm in terms of gender expectations. It is only after Maxim tells the narrator the truth does she feel comfortable and confident with the tit le of being Maxim’s wife and to implement authority on Manderley. Unlike Du Maurier, Brontà « presents Jane Eyre as a timid, little thing having no clear identity. Contrasting to the narrator, Jane Eyre is not overwhelmed by the fact she is not as beautiful as others or by the difficulties she is presented with. All the power emboldens her personality from which she learns how to live and how to be strong. Jane Eyre creates a new image for women as she represents those middle-class working women who were struggling for recognition of their basic rights and equality. Brontà « provided the narrator with the name â€Å"Jane† which has contradictory meanings. The name â€Å"Jane† is an old name meaning is wonderful. It is often associated with strong and powerful women however, it is seen a morbid and simple name associated with timid victims. For a vulnerable and short one-syllable name, the name provides the character with the correct balance of victimisation compared to assertion. It is thought that people with the name Jane have a deep inner desire for a stable family life which she described to be â€Å"restrained and simplified, it sounded more credible. Jane dreams of anShow MoreRelatedComparing Vampire And The Vampire Diaries1660 Words   |  7 Pageswithout Dracula. Without Bram Stoker’s novel, there would be no stereotypical vampires that capture the culture’s conscious. Aside from telling a story on vampires, Dracula also explores ideals about the women of the time in which it was written, which is the Victorian Era. Throughout the Victorian period, one of the predominant concerns was the role of women and the place they fill in their society. Dracula is one of many Victorian novels that explore the varying roles women filled. Two of the charactersRead MoreWomen During The Nineteenth Century1562 Words   |  7 PagesWomen both in Europe and America during the nineteenth century were living in a society that was characterised by gender inequality (, 2015). In the early periods of the century, women were expected to remain passive and subservient to the male counterparts. They were denied many of the legal, social, or even political rights, which in the modern world we consider as a right (, 2015). Thus, generally speaking women who belonged to the middle and upper classes remained home;Read MoreWomen s Rights During The 19th Century1606 Words   |  7 Pages watching over the house, cooking, and cleaning. They were property of their husbands. During their equal rights re volution, women pursued careers like doctors or lawyers and fulfilling their sexual desires for purposes other than bearing children. As today’s society may never know the struggles and misfortunes during the Victorian era, Dracula leaves a time capsule behind to elaborate on the realities during such a prominent generation (Podonsky). Considering this given criteria, a new woman comesRead MoreShort Story : Seduced By Oranges 1377 Words   |  6 PagesPark to 46 Gordon Square in London’s Bloomsbury district. It was at 46 Gordon Square that a new way of life and art would begin for the young artist at the age of twenty-five. Describing Bell’s abandonment of their childhood home and her role as a Victorian â€Å"mistress of the house,† her sister Virginia wrote: â€Å"She had sold, she had burnt; she had sorted; she had torn up. Sometimes I believe she had actually to get men with hammers to batter down- so wedged into each other had the walls and the c abinetsRead MoreFemale And Female Gender Roles3513 Words   |  15 PagesLiterature throughout history has displayed to us the evolution of the male and female gender roles in society. Women have been described as ‘the angel in the house,’ whilst men are typified as dominant and prevailing in comparison to women. The gothic genre in literature is used to personify and exaggerate these stereotypes, by using gothic motifs such as dream sequences and themes such as horror and terror. Not only does the gothic exaggerate the stereotypes, but it also allows them to be contravenedRead MoreWomen s Representation Of Women1438 Words   |  6 Pagesand economic equality for both women and men. During the period between 19th and the early 20th century, several noted feminist writers examined women’s role in the patriarchal society then further reflected their philosophy of life and aided in an identification of women. The era coincides with the modernist literature, as man y authors deciphered feminism and its attributes in their literary work. It is understood that women are deemed as stereotypical beings, which are assigned roles and are perceivedRead MoreFeminist Critique Of Simon De Bevour s The Second Sex1398 Words   |  6 Pagesthe biological body called women; while, gender‘ came to be widely recognized as social, cultural and historical construction of the said biological body. Thus, sex‘ and gender‘ began to be equated respectively with what we commonly understand to be female‘ and feminine‘. In a nutshell, all the roles and behaviour, being the social constructions based on the biological category of women, have been incorporated within the purview of the term gender‘. Tennessee Williams wrote A Streetcar Named DesireRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Alice s Adventures 1773 Words   |  8 Pagesorder to enhance Carroll’s tale. The plot of â€Å"Alice in Wonderland† still follows Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) as the protagonist but focuses on her later years as it attempts to incorporate film and book. Alice in Wonderland takes place in Victorian England a time where a youthful woman’s career was to be innocent, virtuous and ignorant of intellectual opinion. Alice, at the prime age of 19, is expected to accept the son of Lord Ascot, Hamish to be her husband. Alice’s life is such as beingRead MoreCharacteristics Of Kate Chopin Contributions To Regionalism771 Words   |  4 Pagesto the reunification of the country after the civil war. It was also said to rebuild our nation identity toward the end of the 19th century. During Kate Chopin lifetime she had remained invisible in the field of literary and was not discovered until after her death in the early 1900’s. Chopin centered most of her work around repression of women in Victorian America. ‘Local colorist’s â₠¬Ëœauthor’s, like Chopin, were once thought to write in a derogatory tone until recent attempts to reappraise it, emphasizingRead MoreThe Colonial Implications in Jane Eyre and Great Expectations3008 Words   |  13 Pagesthat imperialism, understood as Englands social mission, was a crucial part of the cultural representation of England to the English. (Spivak, 1985, p, 12) Can these claims of Spivak be applied to Charles Dickens Great Expectations and Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre and to what extent do these novelists draw from the colonial discourse in their representation of the `non- Western world? The Victorian novel has performed an important service in Eurocentric epistemologies and colonial ideologies

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Question: Discuss about theSexual Harassment at Work for Economic Review. Answer: Salman, M., Abdullah, F., Saleem, A. (2016). Sexual harassment at workplace and its impact on employee turnover intentions.Business Economic Review,8(1), 87-102. This paper analyses in particular the impact of sexual harassment on employee turnover. It tries to establish a relation between the two variables. It specifically considers the educational sector and carries out an in depth statistical analysis. After presenting an elaborate and meticulous research, the paper provides recommendations so that the cases of sexual harassment can be reduced and efficiency and employee retention can be improved. The paper puts forth the problems Pakistani women have been facing in the past and the problems they are now facing in the transitional process from being dominated by men to becoming more practical. As the paper considers proper statistical data and uses primary data collected by using the most efficient instrument which is Sexual Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ), the results are appropriate and the recommendations based on those are valid. The paper also considers the point of view of both males and females for this issue, so that the scope of research is broadened. However, it is noticed that the data analyzed consists of a sample size consisting of only 126 people, and so the results and recommendations cannot be applied to a large population and considering a larger sample would make the research more robust. Morral, A. R., Gore, K. L., Schell, T. L. (2015).Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the US Military. Volume 2. Estimates for Department of Defense Service Members from the 2014 RAND Military Workplace Study. RAND NATIONAL DEFENSE RESEARCH INST SANTA MONICA CA. This paper analyses the scenario of sexual harassment that prevails in the working class of the United States military members. It considers a reiteration of the research conducted in 2014 of the RAND Military Workplace Study (RMWS). It uses a more detailed approach using easier questions, it makes sure of including events that happened only in the year 2014-15 and considers cases that are up to the legal mark of sexual harassment. The paper sheds light on the intensity of those cases by using empirical data and evidences in some cases. The paper highlights a very important sector, where sexual harassment prevails due to the tough conditions and circumstances at work. Being specific to the military sector, it helps gain perspective of the sexual harassment cases which are part of the public sector and not the usual corporate sector. It uses rigorous statistical data and analyses a wide sample consisting of responses from around 560,000 members who provide services in the US military. As it depicts the percentage of population who faced sexual harassment at work in the past one year it provides accurate information. However the recommendations provided are traditional and the policies prescribed will not be put to effect immediately. Holland, K. J., Rabelo, V. C., Gustafson, A. M., Seabrook, R. C., Cortina, L. M. (2016). Sexual harassment against men: Examining the roles of feminist activism, sexuality, and organizational context.Psychology of Men Masculinity,17(1), 17. This paper specifically takes into account the sexual harassment cases of working men. The study does not only include physical exertion but also derogatory comments passed. The study takes firms where employees get associated with feminist activities , where being a part of a sexual minority counts for and where sexual harassment towards men is also catered to. This paper also brings to light how these sexually harassed men are psychologically affected and how their job satisfaction reduces because of these unhealthy experiences. This paper again plays an important role in this study as it shifts focus from women to men and pays greater attention to the sexual minority and uses sexual orientation as a predictor. It asserts that supporting feminism and working in an organization which tolerates sexual harassment toward men causes men to be more prone to be experiencing sexual harassment. The study claims that even in this generation, sexual harassment is meted out to men whose perspective of masculinity differs from the traditional and orthodox beliefs of masculinity. However, the sample size of the responses collected for every question is very small of about 326 men, so the results can vary when applied to a bigger population. McDonald, P., Charlesworth, S., Graham, T. (2015). Developing a framework of effective prevention and response strategies in workplace sexual harassment.Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources,53(1), 41-58. The last paper chosen for this study prescribes effective strategies that if put into force will help reduce this problem. The study uses functioning and timing techniques to formulate and implement preventive strategies at worplaces. It effectively builds a framework to prevent such activities at work places. It reflects how the quality of work and mental stability of the employees gets hampered because of this problem. Unlike the other papers mentioned above which focus on the problem and sheds light on the same problem from different perspectives, this paper provides the cure. It establishes techniques which when integrated forms a framework that if followed might help in reducing sexual harassment and even cure people who have already been exposed to this issue. It also highlights areas on which further research can be done. It segregates the three types of interventions that can be used to deal with the problem, before the situation has arrived, immediately after the harassment has occurred and long after it has occurred. The three sections highlight measures and describe examples based on earlier researches. However, this paper uses only secondary data for the most part and hence is not robust enough. Bibliography: Holland, K. J., Rabelo, V. C., Gustafson, A. M., Seabrook, R. C., Cortina, L. M. (2016). Sexual harassment against men: Examining the roles of feminist activism, sexuality, and organizational context.Psychology of Men Masculinity,17(1), 17. McDonald, P., Charlesworth, S., Graham, T. (2015). Developing a framework of effective prevention and response strategies in workplace sexual harassment.Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources,53(1), 41-58. Morral, A. R., Gore, K. L., Schell, T. L. (2015).Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the US Military. Volume 2. Estimates for Department of Defense Service Members from the 2014 RAND Military Workplace Study. RAND NATIONAL DEFENSE RESEARCH INST SANTA MONICA CA. Salman, M., Abdullah, F., Saleem, A. (2016). Sexual harassment at workplace and its impact on employee turnover intentions.Business Economic Review,8(1), 87-102.